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Shahid Ansari

Shahid Ansari is serving as a journalist for electronic media since 11 years. He was associated with ITN News, Lemon News,The RKB Show and has also served as the principal correspondent for News Express for past five years. With Internal disputes amongst police force, underworld gang wars, terrorism as his fields of interest, he has keen eye on crime stories from Mumbai. In a very short span of time he has build an extensive network and has sourced exclusive stories from the field of crime.With fair and fearless reporting he has been bringing truth to the fore. He is always in an attempt to expose realities and bring awareness. Editor Investigation

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    Ibrahim adam

    What I have to say this is the very small other than PNB & other government under taking banks.let’s we pray BOMBAY MERCANTILE GOT AGA KHAN AS LIKE DCB BANK HAVE.


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